What Is The Holocaust The Determination Of Android Users

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Holocaust: The Extermination of Android Users
The image that I have chosen is a picture of one of my close friends. The picture shows my friend with an apple in his hand. He has the Apple headphones in his ears with the end of the headphones placed inside the apple. He is one that really loves all of Apple’s products. Everything from the IPod to the Mac computers are considered some of the greatest inventions made in technology to him. The words that are wrote across the top and bottom of the picture say, “People be like listening to my Apple device.” Knowing that Apple’s logo is an actual Apple is why this slogan was chosen. I chose the plain white font because this is the color that Apple typically uses in their advertisements. I created this …show more content…

He always has to have the latest software and device that is released by Apple. The entire point of my meme is to describe how everyone is dying to have the latest IPhone or the newly found Apple watch. Every release date that Apple has creates chaos. Every Verizon, AT&T, and Radio Shack (just naming a few) is packed to capacity with people who want the new found product that has been released, knowing that they will be there once again for the newer one in a few months. We slowly began to see the Apple brand come out with more and more products. With this, we could see the brand start to dominate as more people began to recognize the sleek new look and high quality of the Apple products. Apple has really created a very powerful name for the brand. Other brands such as Android are starting to have less and less users. At this point and time Android’s amount of users in slowly decreasing while Apple’s users are increasing by the second. A saying that I often hear among IPhone users states that “Once you go IPhone you never go back.” The sad truth is that this statement is very

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