Why Do Athletes Get Paid Too Much

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Can you imagine making $88 million a year? The three-time FIFA player of the year, Cristiano Ronaldo, was the highest paid pro athlete in 2016. Many professional athletes get paid millions of dollars, and some people think that these athletes get paid too much, but others believe that athletes deserve the deluge of money they receive. I believe athletes get paid way too much, but they should make a great deal of money, just not as much. The whole system that allows professional athletes to just swim around in money is simply ridiculous, and it needs to stop. There are many reasons why I believe athletes are immensely paid. For example, everyone that is human is guaranteed to get hurt at one point or time. If injures are contingent, why do…show more content…
Not only do jobs that require courage not receive enough money, many Americans work a full-time job until they 're about 70 years old. Nearly all of them won’t make as much in a lifetime as many pros. Any fledglings can become a pro, but not very many do. However, it’s true that the careers of athletes are short, and this means players have a smaller window of time to earn money, but many former pros become coaches, sports commentators, or public speakers. To make a decent living, athletes deserve a little money. By working hard, they inspire and entertain us. Training can be grueling. Especially in contact sports like football and hockey, injuries are a constant threat. But there are plenty of people who have difficult and dangerous jobs, and no one is handing them exorbitant sums of money. In my opinion, athletes should dispel the leftover money they have. They have too much money because they are paid exorbitantly, brainwash us, or think they need all the money they have because they could receive a horrible injury. Watching pro players is something I admit I love doing, but they should not be praised as much as they are, we should be giving the credit to where it is
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