Is Homework Helpful

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Is Homework Helpful or Harmful?
I. Homework can decrease the students’ academic performance in school. It can also lead to stress, depression, physical health problems, lack of balance, and alienation from society.
II. Homework is at the same time helpful and harmful. But, for us students, it is more harmful.
A. Why homework is helpful
1. It improves the students’ performance in tests.
2. It teaches self-discipline, time management and research skills.
3. It reduces time for TV and video games and improves study habits.
4. It increases interest in schoolwork when it’s corrected quickly.
5. It lets parents see what their children are doing at school.
B. Why homework is harmful
1. It should be corrected quickly or students will get frustrated
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Then as I asked more students regarding the meaning of homework in their own definition, I think all of their answers are just related or maybe the same like the statement above. Students also shared plenty of disadvantages of homework. First, students get frustrated and lose interest in schoolwork if their assignments are not checked immediately. It makes us feel like all the efforts of writing all those long paragraphs and solving all of those mind-boggling math problems are just nothing, making us feel down and wasted. Second, it can be too stressful at times. Well, for me, all the time. I come home late from school from doing all of those group projects and activities, then there goes my homework, piled up together with my reviewers for the fast approaching exams, making me feel very stressed and depressed. Third, it prevents students from doing household chores. Well, this is not a disadvantage for us students, but a disadvantage for our parents. Making assignments is one of my excuses in doing household chores, and it’s a big benefit for me. Fourth, it keep students late at night. Aside from reviewing for the upcoming exams, some assignments should also be passed the day after tomorrow, making me up all night which results to a zombie-like face the next morning. Lastly, it makes the student tired after a long day at school. It’s a two thumbs up for this one. After a day of…show more content…
So, how are we going to fix this bug? Are we just going to keep quiet, sit down there and go with the flow? Of course it’s a big no, right? We just can’t sit around and pray for things to get better. We should act now while we still can. As students, we have a right to speak to teachers, principals, and even the superintendent. Well, I’m not saying that homework should be abolished. We, the students, are not computers. We need a break sometimes. What we just want is to lessen the quantity of homework and activities given to us by our professors. If we can present facts about the disadvantages of homework, without letting out much of our stressful emotions, surely, they will listen to our statement. And probably, this will make them think to talk to the administration about the quantity of homework given by the teachers to us
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