Why I Chose College Admissions

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When I graduated High School, I was focused and ready for a fresh start at a new University. Unfortunately, just a few weeks prior to my departure for school, unexpected family financial problems arose. Once this happened, I knew I was not going to be able to attend a four year university right away. I decided to move out, and attend a community college. Once school began, I realized it was a completely different environment than where I was supposed to go. My initial goal was to make the most out of the unfortunate situation, and focus on getting the best grades possible so I could transfer with ease. However, my priorities soon shifted from school, to hanging out with friends and experiencing everything new that the town had to offer. This approach quickly led to declining grades, and a melancholy feeling because of the situation I had put myself in. …show more content…

I decided I needed to become more involved in the classroom, and around campus. Fortunately, this year has been a much different story. I am actively involved with my classes and I am the current Outreach Director for the school. The experiences I have been able to participate in because of my position were crucial in my maturity. My involvement with faculty and students has helped shape me back into the focused and driven student I was when I went into college. I take full responsibility for the grades that I earned early on. I simply was not mature enough and I failed to realize the effort it would take to be successful in college. The knowledge I have gained from my involvement with the school has been beneficial in my academic and personal maturity. I have learned from my immaturity, and I know I am ready to be successful as a

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