Personal Essay: Why I Enjoy Writing

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Why I Enjoy Writing
Since I began writing formally in the first grade, I have had a variety of teachers who have impacted my love or my distaste for writing at any given time. Writing comes naturally to me, and I enjoy it. As a small child, I would spontaneously write little poems and copy stories from books just for fun. Now as a student in a formal academic environment, I still prefer writing on a topic that I am personally invested in, or in which I have a deep knowledge. Throughout grade and middle school and now high school, the diverse selection of teachers that I have written for have each instilled a slightly different view of writing in me. My natural love for writing flourished throughout elementary school, where I wrote primarily …show more content…

Despite her appealing character, I did not broaden my writing skills in her class. She taught strictly from the book and assigned virtually the same essays week after week. The book required very specific elements to be within the essay. Each week a new writing element or grammatical tool was highlighted. As an example, on a given week, the essay assignment would state that the paper could only have a certain number of “to-be” verbs. The textbook also stressed the need for complete sentence structure, as well as, multiple descriptive words. While not bad instructions, in and of themselves, these unnecessarily structured essay assignments stilted my growth as a writer and did not allow me to flex my writing skills.
Instead of taking another year of middle school English, I jumped to a high school English/Literature class with high hopes for a broader base of learning. I embraced this higher level class. The focus of the class was essentially on reading, but I wrote a required, in-depth research paper at the end of the year. The paper was to represent a culmination of all that the class had learned over the course of the year. Although the research paper was assigned and graded loosely, I learned a lot from writing it, specifically the Modern Language Association (MLA) format, among other

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