Why Is It Better To Have School Lunches

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Think about your school lunches back when you were in school. Was it good? Was it bad? Well these days the school lunch has gone down hill because they are cheap and tasteless. Most students don 't think the school lunches are very good. In fact at the Thompson school district teamed up with colorado state University and did a survey on how students like school lunches, and it showed that 93% of students would like a better lunch. The lunch we have now in the schools now these days are cheaply made and governed by the government. We need food that tastes good so are brains can function properly the way they need too. Students need their brain to be functioning right so students can pay attention in class. Grades would probably be better in the long run. Kids wouldn 't be crabby all the time I don 't think, most of them anyway. …show more content…

Schools could make more money if they sold good tasting food, even if it was not healthy. They make money with the healthy chips, drinks, and the lunch food, so imagine how much more money they could make if they switched back. Students would pay a little extra money for better food at the lunch room. With the money they make from switching foods, they could use for newer things to help students learn better. Students could all be better educated just because they switched foods and drinks over. With the marketing rate for good tasting foods, theirs no way that schools can’t make more money. child obesity is talked about all the time, but has anyone stopped to think that maybe obese students are happy like that with good tasting junk food? people probably haven 't, so before the people start making remarks and bad comments on these situations like that they need to stop and think, are obese students happy? If students are happy the way they are why try changing that? That is not what is going to hurt

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