Why We Should Take Standardized Testing Persuasive Essay

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Imagine a beautiful, sunny day with no clouds, and you’re stuck in a cold, stinky, sweaty, and obnoxiously quiet room taking your third, one hour long, test today. The quiet starts to drive students mad. Students shouldn’t have to take standardized tests. Standardized tests take up the tax payers money. Tests already stress students out and now a bigger one comes with more stress. Students also have barely enough time to finish the tests, well most students anyway.

To begin with standardized tests manifest stress on the student’s mind. Stress in a student testing can often result in unclear knowings of the student’s strengths and weaknesses. Many students get confused on simple questions and that can result in unclear answers. Some say, “Stress …show more content…

Most kids feel pressured to finish fast because of the fast time. Students only get one hour to finish fifty questions or more, and most students don't finish all if the test. Others say, “An hour is enough,” but if it was then why would students stress about the time. There’s too much stress and so little time and now too much money is being poured into it. Finally, there is too much being spent on paper tests when we have computers. Taxpayers paid for our test to be made and for our computers, and that is just a waste of money. Teachers and parents already have to buy school supplies and our computers and then comes the the test on paper. The government wants us to waste money on these products so they can make more tests. Some say, “The money is being put to good use,” but it’s really not i mean students already have enough tests and if students took less tests than less money wasted and more learning time. Students should not have to take standardized tests. They take up too much money from our pockets. They manifest too much stress on student. Finally, they take more than the amount of time given.That is why students should not have to take standardized

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