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  • Disadvantages Of Concerted Cultivation

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    The Concerted Cultivation of Superiority Whether they chose to spoil their children with love, objects, or opportunities, parents want to give their children the best childhood to prepare them for adulthood. Typically, the middle class and upper class use a parenting method Annette Lareau calls “concerted cultivation,” meaning that parents foster children’s talents and interests. Most parents that use this style of rearing follow similar routines such as maneuvering their schedules to alote multiple

  • Concerted Cultivation And Family Life Analysis

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    many factors from our past that shape who we are today. Concerted cultivation is a style of parenting that allows for the parent to schedule activities that will keep the children occupied during their free time. The idea of concerted cultivation is made clear by Annette Lareau the author of the book entitled Unequal Childhoods: Class, Race, and Family Life. She states that parents who organize their children 's lives through concerted cultivation believe that their child will obtain certain knowledge

  • Annette Lareau's Theory Of Concerted Cultivation

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    doctors, judges and police officers. Lareau’s researched revealed that middle class parents practiced concerted cultivation parental style which enabled their children to reap wanted outcomes from dominant professionals and working/poor parents practiced accomplishment of natural growth parental style which enabled their children to reap unwanted outcomes from dominant professionals. Concerted cultivation is a term coined by Annette Lareau to describe a parenting approach

  • Darlin And Grebelsky: A Socialization Study

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    Parenting practices/parenting styles Interaction between parents and children in this thesis in the context of parents’ struggle to find an appropriate answer to their children’s questions, could be also define as parenting styles (Darling & Steinberg 1993). Darlin and Steinberg (1993) define the parenting styles as parents’ behaviors and characteristics which is the important part of parent-child interaction and relationships over a wide range of situations. Some of the parents’ styles which are

  • Why Chinese Mothers Are Superior Amy Chua Analysis

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    Why Chinese Mothers Are Superior Some people might argue that a child’s upbringing forms the child’s foundation of life. It forms the child’s identity and its view of life. The upbringing of children is a wide concept because it is never the same. The question is if there is an edge between upbringing and torture. The intention of upbringing is indisputable – you want your child to have a great life and a great future, but perchance certain ways of educating children can cause more damage than good

  • Parenting Styles Case Study

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    Parenting styles have a profound effect on their child’s behavior (Yahav, 2006). According to Diana Baumrind, parenting styles is related to the ability of adolescents to achieve independence and self-regulation as cited in the works of Bednar & Fisher. Understanding the different parenting styles and their impact on the parent-teen relationship may help parents and their teens—navigate adolescence more smoothly (Kopko, 2007) Baumrind determined the four parenting styles which are: 1. The authoritative

  • Reaction Paper About The Movie Grease

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    When most people think of the term “grease”, they think of the thick, oily substance used in cooking or on cars. The dictionary definition of this term is completely different to what comes to my mind when I hear this word. This word instantly generates memories and scenes of my childhood. To me, “grease” is the title of one of the best movies ever produced. Growing up, I would watch this film almost every day. Grease is a 1978 musical about a group of seniors at Rydell High School. It is about the

  • Change In Desiree's Baby By Kate Chopin

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    As a child, we are sheltered from the smallest pains in life. However, as we grow older, we are expected to not let it affect us any manner. In the short story “Desiree’s Baby,” by Kate Chopin, the main character, Desiree, is depicted as an emotional character and is influenced by her environment and the people in it in a negative way. Through its ironic story line and use of a changing tone, along with a evident theme of racism, Chopin suggests that Desiree has a weak mindset and is reliant on

  • Four Parenting Styles Research Paper

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    Parental behaviors characterizing the four parenting styles High Control Low Control High Responsiveness Authoritative • Firm and consistent control • Monitor and impart clear standards for their children’s conduct •Give priority to child’s needs and abilities •Implying age appropriate maturity demands • Encourage children to be independent • Attentive • Forgiving • Encouraging autonomy • Offering democratic climate Permissive • Frequent expression of warmth and affection •Low enforcement

  • Four Parenting Styles

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    Parenting Styles There are four main parenting styles, permissive, Authoritarian, Authoritative and Uninvolved parenting. Permissive parenting is very relaxed, there believe is children are capable of making their decision on their own with some parenting advice. Authoritarian parents have high expectations for their children their also very strict they like their kids to follow completely. Authoritative parents are strict, and very loving. Authoritative parents involve a delicate balance of expectations

  • Raising Children Chapter Summary

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    Parenting and raising children is a hot topic and because of this, there are thousands of self-help child-rearing books available to consumers. Meredith Small’s book Kids reveals how biology and culture shape the way we raise our children. She captivates the reader by demonstrating how various cultures raise children and how they compare to Western civilization. The book is filled with compelling information regarding diverse parenting practices which allows the reader to consider assorted parenting

  • Examples Of Authoritative Parenting

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    How does differing parenting styles and disciplinary actions affect childhood development? Every parent wants their child to grow up to be a happy, healthy, emotionally and physically well-endowed person. But would it surprise you to know that your parenting style can affect many things about your children, such as their happiness, weight, and self-esteem? As a parent, it is important to know what style of parenting you lean towards to provide the best care for your children and make sure they are

  • Parenting: Child-Rearing Method

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    Parenting (child-rearing method) – I believe that every child is different. If one child needs a time- out, then that will happen. Therefore, the way we will discipline depends on the child. Of course, nothing too extreme and we will have to set limits on the way we discipline. I would want my spouse to have a different method of punishing because if one way does not work, there has to be another way. Overall, we are a team and we have to conduct strong, independent, mindful, respectful, and ambitious

  • Four Types Of Parenting Styles

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    PARENTING STYLES: There are different types of parenting styles that are came across the psychologists so they told us about different parenting styles. There are four types of parenting styles that are given follows: • Permissive • Authoritarian • Authoritative • Uninvolved They are the four kinds of the parenting styles by which the child is groomed and are given towards there happy living. the four types of parenting styles are discussed and explain follows: PERMISSIVE PARENTING: A permissive

  • Adult Attachment Theory

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    TOPIC - DEVELOPMENT PSYCHOLOGY AND SOCIAL PSYCHOLOGY RESEARCH QUESTION - To what extent do early attachments affect adult interpersonal relationships? INTRODUCTION Attachment can be referred to as a deep and enduring emotional bond connecting one individual to another across the barriers of time and space. It need not be a reciprocal relationship in nature. Renowned psychologist John Bowlby has defined attachment as a “lasting psychological connectedness occurring between human beings’. One

  • Joyce Epstein's School-Family-Community Partnership Model

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    Research recognizes parent involvement as an important factor in the quality of a child's education. Joyce Epstein's School-Family-Community Partnership Model is an important model in research and practices surrounding parent involvement. As a framework for increasing parental participation in education, Epstein’s model recognizes six different types of involvement in regards to education. Through her work, Epstein encourages schools to develop activities that work within the six types, as well as

  • Baumrind Ap Psychology Case Study

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    1. Describe the different styles of parenting described by Baumrind, explain which style of parenting you think is most effective. In the 1960s Diana Baumrind discovered the three different parenting styles over a long period. The first style is called The Authoritarian Parenting which is a very strict method in which they keep their children close to them so they can watch and control their every step. The parents have very high expectations for their children so any misbehavior is not tolerated

  • Virtual Child Reflection

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    Introduction As a mother of three school-aged children, I assumed this my virtual child project would be redundant. Naturally, I thought what could this project teach me about parenting that I did not already know. Consequently, as it turns out, there are a lot of things I did not know or wish I had known before I became a mom. I assumed the My Virtual Child project would be unrealistic and lacking in real life situations. Consequently, the program turned out to be exciting and very realistic. This

  • Jung Typology Test

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    This paper is a very brief overview of the author’s personality type as determined by the Jung Typology Test. The test resulted in the rarest personality form, INFJ. Each letter has been broken down into its individual meaning, also known as “preferences.” These letters stand for introverted, intuitive, feeling, and judging. Included with Carl Jung’s findings are definitions given by David Keirsey which group the INFJ personality into his NF category, then further describes them as “Counselors.”

  • Intimate Partner Violence Summary

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    Influence of Imitate Partner Violence and Parenting Practices Summary The research explores the link between imitate partner violence, parenting practices, and the trauma symptoms in children. This area of study is important to observe so that psychologists are able to have some indication of factors that relate to children experiencing problems with stress, coping with trauma, perceiving threats, hyperarousal, avoidance, fear, security, interpersonal relationships, and negative self-attributions