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  • The Diary Of Anne Frank: Why People Are Good At Heart

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    In the play of “The Diary of Anne Frank,” Anne states,”In spite of everything I still believe people really are good at heart.” She believes that deep down everyone is good. I agree with her. There are people who do bad things, but deep down is a sense of good, like a small candle in a dark room. Everyone has a choice to let their light shine or extinguish it. Some let it burn, and some let it die out, but just because the candle isn’t lit doesn’t mean it’s not there. Now, it’s your own decision

  • Anne Frank's Diary Before The Holocaust

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    Anne Frank was a young innocent, teenage girl who enjoyed life and everything about it, that's until the Holocaust. During , The time of the Holocaust, Anne Frank had to hide upstairs in the dark attic for almost two years. The spot the been hiding in was called the secret “Annex”.The Holocaust was one of the most moving and heartbreaking time for Jewish people.Anne Frank received her special eloquent diary at her 12th birthday. She was one of the most passionate when it came to what she believed

  • Stockholm Syndrome In Jaycee's A Stolen Life

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    author’s motive to write A Stolen Life was to tell the world about Phillip’s actions because people should know that “he is most certainly responsible for stealing [Jaycee’s] life and the life [she] should have had with [her] family.” Her other motive to write this novel was to hopefully help somebody facing a difficult situation, especially those who are experiencing similar conditions. “My goal is to inspire people to speak out when they see that something is not quite right… that society changes in regards

  • A Summary Of The Diary Of Anne Frank

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    over the world with hardships and wars going on for years. Within these wars, two little girls that have been apart of it their whole lives, have shared their experiences through a diary and a book of stories. The Diary of Anne Frank is about a young jewish girl named Anne Frank, who has to go into hiding with her family in order to not get caught and taken away by the Nazis in Amsterdam, and while in hiding, records her experiences and thoughts into her diary. Farewell to Manzanar is a book based

  • Anne Frank Diary

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    This book report is based on Anne Frank’s thoughts and feelings through her diary. Anne was a girl who live in Germany during Nazis World War II. When she turns 13 she received a diary from her parents as part of her birthday present. On this diary she started writing her daily life and adventures before things got bad. She and her family were Jewish people, so they needed to go into hiding because of the fact the jews were taken to concentration camps. Her family and others hid on her father´s office

  • Olive's Ocean Character Analysis

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    Though, I think treating people the way you want to be treated is still the one stuck in my head. Martha felt like she should have been nicer to Olive, considering the fact she always seemed lonely. In fact, when Martha was having a phone conversation with a friend, she admitted

  • Boy In The Striped Pajamas Comparison

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    characters of The Boy in the Striped Pajamas and The Diary of Anne Frank, Anne and Bruno, can be contrastive of each other. However, they are alike in their thoughts, actions, morals, and the fact that they are on opposite sides of the same story. Both children are born around the time of World War II and face the challenges associated with the war. In addition, the book and the play themselves are set apart in the way they are brought to life. Anne and Bruno share the commonality of being affected by

  • Book Report: The Diary Of Anne Frank

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    Book Report Ms. Peggy French English 10A December 17 2015 The Diary of Anne Frank Book Report “The Diary of Anne Frank” is a diary written by a young Jewish girl named Anne Frank. She wrote this diary while in hiding with her family during the Nazi occupation of the Netherlands. This diary, which was originally written in Dutch was translated into 60 languages. This 330-page book describes the life of Anne Frank during her hiding. The setting of the book was during world war one. Themes of identity

  • 13-Year-Old Jewish Girl: The Diary Of Anne Frank

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    Anne Frank was a 13 year old Jewish girl and was born June 12, 1929. World War II started September 1, 1939 and lasted until September 2, 1945. This war was fought between two allied groups of countries. On one side, the Axis powers, which included Germany, Italy, Japan, and a few other smaller counties. On the other side, the Ally powers, which included Britain, France, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, India, the Soviet Union, China, and the United States. World War II was fought because a man named

  • Anne Frank Argumentation

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    Anne Frank Argumentation quote During the holocaust, many Jews and “weaker people” were tortured and brutally killed. During this horrific event, a girl named Anne Frank recorded her’s and the people she stayed with experiences in her diary while hiding from the Nazis. In Anne Frank’s diary there was one thing that she wrote having many disagreeing and agreeing on its content and meaning, which was, “Despite everything, I believe that people are really good at heart.” Books such as in “The Diary

  • An Analytical Essay's The Diary Of Anne Frank

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    The play, The Diary of Anne Frank is a true story about the life of a young girl, Anne, and other people through the sorrowful time of the holocaust. Within this play, you see the many ways of Mr. Frank, the father of Anne, and Mr. Van Daan, the father of Peter. One reflects greediness and cruelness while the other shows care and generosity. In The Diary of Anne Frank Mr. Frank and Mr. Van Daan have many different character traits. When it comes to caring for others, Mr. Frank will always be the first

  • Character Analysis Of Hester Prynne

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    townspeople. Hester Prynne is portrayed as a sinful character in the text but in reality she is a kind, strong, humble character in depth. As a main character, Hester is illustrated by sin but her true color is actually being humble. In the real world people get looked down upon if they cheat or have an affair just as Hester did. As

  • Book Report On The Diary Of Anne Frank

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    Diary of Anne Frank Book Report Alyssa Estrada 8A The book “Diary of Anne Frank” is based on the life of a thirteen year old Jewish girl called Anne Frank. On 1942, she receives a diary as a present from her parents and starts writing her thoughts and opinions on it. She and seven others hide in a secret annex to avoid the Nazis during the World War II in Amsterdam. After two years they are discovered and sent to different concentration camps. The only one to survive was her father Otto, who

  • Anne Frank: The Diary Of Anne Frank

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    On June 12th, 1942, Annelies Marie “Anne” Frank received a diary from her parents. Little did they know that the diary would later become one of the most critical pieces of information in World War II. In the beginning of her diary, it was just like any other teenage girl’s diary. She led a normal life, worrying about what she’d wear tomorrow or what her friends are doing. Until her older sister, Margot was ordered to a concentration camp. Her father Otto had decided her family should go into hiding

  • Diary Of A Young Girl Anne Frank Essay

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    The Diary of a Young Girl is a series of journal entries written by a Jewish girl named Anne Frank. She’s Jewish and she’s a young girl living in Holland during the Second World War. The Diary is a compilation of entries that speak about her life during that time. It speaks about the tough times she had to face just because she was Jewish. The diary speaks about her as a human being, as a teenager and also as a Jew. She speaks about so many problems she’s facing as an individual and as a whole with

  • Creativity In Frances Goodrich's The Diary Of Anne Frank

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    Anne Frank did more than just sit around in the hide out for 2 years. The Diary of Anne Frank play, written by Frances Goodrich and Albert Hackett in the 1950’s, takes place during the Holocaust. The Holocaust was a mass murder of millions of Jews from the command of Hitler. The Holocaust took place from 1933 until 1945. The play features eight different characters who are all hiding from the Nazis. The people in the annex consist of the Frank Family, the Van Daans, Mr. Dussel, and Mr. Kraler and

  • Personal Narrative: My Life In Germany

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    I was in the active duty Air Force for six and a half years. Five of those years were spent away from my family in Germany. When I got to Germany I was 19 years old, and I had never been that far away from my family. If you haven’t guess already, I am going to be talking about the time that I spent in Germany. I will be focusing on how being in Germany helped me become a woman, exposed me to a different culture, and helped to me understand the true definition of family. Hopefully by the end of this

  • Simon Lord Of The Flies Character Analysis

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    Simon, the Disciple “He was a small, skinny boy, his chin pointed, and his eyes so bright they had deceived Ralph into thinking him delightfully gay and wicked” (Golding, 55). Simon, a character in the “Lord of the Flies” is a “skinny vivid little boy” yet the boy is strong and stands up for he what believes is right. (FIX SENT.) That is just one of the many qualities this boy has. Simon is a very wise and philosophical type of boy. Quite simply, he uses his brain a lot more compared to most of

  • Diary Of A Young Girl As A Diary

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    which 13 year old Anne Frank kept for two years during the Nazi occupation of the Netherlands in WWII. Today, her diary still remains extremely relevant to the historical background of Jewish people during the Holocaust; not only because of Anne 's experiences in hiding, but because of the honest and unvarnished way that she describes the universal struggle of simply being a young person. Any modern teenager, even 80 years after the start of the Holocaust, can identify with Anne and what makes her

  • The Devil's Arithmetic Character Analysis

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    Being identified as having a National Jewish Book Award for children 's literature the book The Devil 's Arithmetic by Jane Yolen’ is a historical fiction book about a Jewish family that changes with the flip of a page. Hannah travels back in time when her and her family are at a family dinner called the Seder about the Holocaust. Hannah had been forced out of their living space to go to a unknown place but rather than later, she figures out she is going to a concentration camp. While her and her