A Reflection Of A Mock Interview At University

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Reflection on mock interview
On Friday 1st December 2017 I had a mock interview at university. This was organised by the university in order to help prepare the students for placement interviews. I was however quite nervous before my mock interview. The reason for this is this was my first ever interview in the accounting & finance sector. In addition to this I am quite introverted and have never enjoyed talking about myself. As a result of this I often struggle in interviews and fail to mention key facts that would improve my employability in order to not appear boastful or too unreserved. To combat this, I did a number of things. One of the first things I did was speak to other students who have previously had interviews in this section. This was especially beneficial as not only could they reassure me that it would be fine, they were also able to give me advice on the things to talk about. In addition to this I also ran into my previous employer not long before the interview. Although he worked in the retail sector, not the financial sector he was able to tell me what he looks for at interviews when hiring, and what he thought I should focus on with relation to my work history. The final, and most effective thing I did before the interview was to prepare model answers.
Preparing model answers before the interview was extremely helpful, but did prove quite difficult. The reason for this is although the university had given me a list of typical interview questions, and I

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