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THE ACT OF VOLUNTEERISM The term volunteerism is a worldwide used word, thus it has the same meaning across the continent. Primarily volunteerism comes from the word volunteering, which means devoting ones time, energy, and even some amount of money to service in a particular community or society as a whole for nothing in return or probably no payback. With this an individual who take on these activities does so for charity or educational purposes, therefore expects no reward after or before executing the task. Types of volunteerism. Even though volunteerism basically means devotion for charity, there are many types of them as far as the act is concerned. Volunteerism can be of a traditional type which is the one practiced at a local vicinity…show more content…
Gain personal experience. People in as much as volunteers in one way engage themselves in this activities so as to gain experience from what they do in order to be much more informed about certain tasks they take on in the future. 4. Achieving or been recognized. It has come to be liked by people to volunteer solely because of achieving recognition in the society for devotion. With this they believe that others will commend them for their work and also remember them for one thing or the other. What are some of the benefits of volunteerism? Volunteerism to me has its own share of blessing from God, but it also has blessing as in benefits on the doer’s life. In other to start volunteering you ought to know the benefits that come with it so as to assess yourself whether you are truly volunteering or not soo much volunteering. 1. Volunteering your ability or skills gives you new skills. This is quite fantastic that your skills as you are giving out will let to you finding additional ones, for instance, as a Managing Director of a company who always drives a Range Rover to work volunteers to drive a Tractor in the community farmland. This instance gives him additional skills as a Tractor driver too and not only a Range Rover
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