Advantages And Disadvantages Of A School-Based Assessment System

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MalaysianDigest.Com (November 9, 2016) indicated Education Minister Datuk Seri Mahdzir Khalid saying the UPSR may be eliminated in favour of a totally School-Based Assessment system. To execute the system effectively, schools and teachers should devote their time and resource to attend toward the system. They should not rigid with the guideline provided by the agencies but free to teach the student more creative approaches.

Project Work is a learning experience that aims to provide students with the opportunity to synthesise knowledge from various areas of learning and critically and creatively apply it to real-life situations and provide the opportunity to work in groups (Tan. E., 2013, January 16). Chong. K. K. K. (2009, September) said the introduction of Project Work was considered a bold and innovative initiative for the Singapore education system. Through this learning students would able to acquire self-directed inquiry skills as they propose their own topic, plan their timelines, allocate individual areas of work, interact with teammates of different abilities and personalities, gather and evaluate primary and secondary research material. It also encourages the important life skills and competencies such as knowledge application, collaboration, communication and independent learning that would prepare the students for lifelong learning and the challenges ahead. The students shall give the choice to set their own project tasks it could be about a situation based or

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