Advertising: The Pros And Cons Of Modern Advertising

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Advertising, in its formal sense, is defined as “the non-personal communication of information usually paid for and usually persuasive in nature about products, services or ideas by identified sponsors through the various media” (Bovee, 1992, p. 7). Advertising is everywhere: we could even see it in the smallest, most unexpected things. Advertising is not limited on how one sells a product, but it is actually how one or the advertisement communicates to the consumers. The purpose of advertising is to persuade consumers to take action by supporting or patronizing what is being presented to them. It can be done in the form of mass media like newspapers, television advertisements or the new media such as websites and text messages. Over time,…show more content…
Advertisements have a big impact to their audience thus influencing them. Some advertisements mislead the public by giving false information or statements about a product. Not everything that is presented through advertisements appears true. Some are just “sugar-coated” in order to look presentable and persuasive. Advertising also creates confusion to consumers. It creates the possibility of purchasing the wrong product. Some people are just too impressed with the way the product was introduced or presented, but end up purchasing a commodity that is different from what they have expected. Another disadvantage of modern advertising is that the Internet is making any company’s marketing materials available for copying despite its legal ramifications (Ingram, n.d.). The Internet can be both beneficial and dangerous. It is beneficial in a way that it helps communication and work easier and faster. It is dangerous because one’s work is available to everyone and could possibly be copied and imitated illegally. Even with the success of modern advertising, it still faces criticism like sexism, discrimination and stereotyping. For istance, a woman is usually depicted as a sexual toy to men, a servant of men and children, and a clueless being who only knows how to manage household

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