Animal Vivisection Essay

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I ask you to imagine yourself as a young kitten. You are brought to a lab along with thousands of other cats. You are locked in a cage and starved. Then, slowly, you are infected with diseases and injected with chemicals and also drugs. Electrodes have been implanted in your head and tail. You are also electrocuted. Lastly, you die.
This experiment is known as the ‘fear test’. When the cat is electrocuted,the electrodes record how fast the brain responds to this change and how fast their heart beats throughout the experiment. These experiments have been going on for many years now and yet there is still no evidence how they have any connection in treating human back pains.
Vivisection is the practice of cutting into or using invasive techniques on live animals for the purpose of scientific experimentation.
Animal testing is unreliable and cruel. Being an animal lover, I want to raise this issue of animal vivisection and generate awareness on how vivisection is a cruel science. In my essay, I also explore issues from various perspectives including from my home country - India. After reading this essay, I hope people will buy cruelty-free products and thus reduce the rates of vivisection in the future.
Assorted issues in the recent years have underscored the high useage of animals in experimentation. Hence, I would like to focus on these two fields - drug testing and classroom dissections, as they are more significant.

Drug testing

Animal testing, also
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