Argumentative Essay: Gun Control In Florida

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Gun control in Florida has lots of history and is also a major topic that politicians have to deal with. Some of the qualifications to own a gun in Florida should be at least 21 years of age, have no convicted felonies, and to have been diagnosed with any mental illnesses. There are safety measures being put into place by the politicians to make sure the wrong people are not able to buy a gun legally. Valverde (2014) found the following:
By mid-December, the Florida Department of Law Enforcement had run 823,653 background checks, surpassing the 797,610 total checks conducted in 2012. The agency also ran an all-time high of about 13,500 checks during Thanksgiving weekend (Thursday through Sunday), about 200 more than the same period last …show more content…

Some politicians also want people who buy guns once they are over the age of 21. They seem to think that at the age of 21 you are a mature enough of an adult to be able to buy a gun if you meet the other requirements also. Many of the people who own guns have a specific reason. . According to Swift (2013), “those who already own firearms mention personal safety/protection most frequently as a reason for ownership (60%), followed by hunting, at 36%” (Para.1). In Florida hunting is very popular and that is why the percentage would be higher in order to own a gun, while it most likely serves as a dual purpose to also be used for protection. Guns not given to people with mental illnesses is a good idea, but it can also have negative effects. If you or anyone in your household has a type of mental illness then a gun my not be iin the vicinity, because it can cause danger to the household. So now parents do not want their kids to be diagnosed with adhd and it is not even a matter of gun control anymore it is violating the other people’s right to bear arms to those who apply in the household. Guns are also used in many violent crimes in Florida. Barton reports (2014), “Guns are now the weapons of choice in 75 percent of all homicides in Florida” (Para.7). This shows that people are specifically using guns to kill people and

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