Argumentative Essay: Is It Right If They Crossed The Line?

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The state gives a person a gun and a badge, it instantly gives them a free pass to do as they please and the right to kill whom they deem a threat to public safety. Police officers are the citizens who take the oath to “serve and protect”, but quite ironically they pose a greater threat to society because of the fact that they are everywhere and they just seem to be able to get away with everything they do to a certain extent. Where is that line drawn? Who makes the decision if they crossed the line? Police should not have the mentality that they are immune to the court of law due to the fact mere fact that they are officers of the law. There are several cases where the police use physical force and/or verbally abuse a person with no regard…show more content…
Is it right for the citizens to have to take the disrespectful treatment certain cops give them? Of course not all officers of the law are like this. They all have the good, the bad, and the ugly. It’s the scumbags that harass people and take advantage of the badge and gun that give police officers a bad name. But if all police officers know that they can get away with certain things and they are aware of the things they can get away with, then eventually humanity will see an even bigger threat to society than what these police officers say is a threat. When people are given power, history has proven that it goes one of two ways: either they will make the world a better place like Martin Luther King Junior, or the power can go to their head and they will be able to do what they seem is the right thing to do just like Adolf Hitler did during World War 2. Adolf Hitler, for those who do not know, was one of the most powerful man in the world with his own police behind him. The “Geheime Staatspolizei-Gestapo” or “Gestapo” for short, was the police Adolf Hitler controlled during World War 2. They were in charge of “ensuring everyone did as they were
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