Argumentative Essay: The Debate For The White House

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The Debate for the White House It is that time of year where the fight for the White House has begun. Candidates from governors to senators to rich people are trying to persuade the people of the United States to vote for them. Although the people knowing that the candidates won’t achieve every problem they acknowledge, some topics are very important to consider. Infrastructure, jobs, and education are important problems that the country needs to fix in order to become better financially and structurally. Let 's start off with Jobs, In order for a country’s economy to grow, there has to be money invested and then consumer spending and shouldn’t a free education be a priority for every human being in this country? Also with all the money that we spend on non durable items we could innovate our infrastructure and roads. I want to give a hand of applause to Republican Donald Trump for sparking social media in a heartbeat. Candidate Trump has many ideas on how he will “Make America Great Again” but is that the truth? Mr. Trump believes that we need to stop raising taxes on business because they will move jobs overseas, we need to cut common core, and rebuild our infrastructure. Although all of these ideas sound great, like the other candidates only a small portion of Mr. Trump desires will be established if he …show more content…

Trump is against “Common Core”, I believe that if we are going to give all the effort we have to educate ourselves then Common Core shouldn’t be a problem to discuss. According to, “Education is developing the powers of reasoning and judgment.” Either getting a high school education or college education, it will help you make important decisions in the work force. The objective of Common Core was for those students that struggle with a language barrier or need extra help learning new information. Although there are always those students who are smart, but don’t want to endure any effort, then they won’t use all of their

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