Argumentative Essay: Why Do People Get A Gun?

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In America, there is crime everywhere, you can’t get away from it. When you watch the news it seems like a crime is happening every second and most of them involved a gun. The author says that people need to get a knife or a dog. At first, this line does not seem to make any sense and appears to be non – sense. But if we really think upon it, it seems to make a lot of sense, especially in the countries such as the United States of America, where there are lots of incidents such as mass shooting and revenge murders. Our country has always had a love and hate relationship with weapons especially guns. In this country, the government should ban guns because it is easy to get a gun labeled as the reason for personal safety. Lots of people possess…show more content…
“You want protection? Get a dog.” Using a knife is not under everybody’s capabilities. “By the time someone who studies the martial arts becomes a master-literally able to kill with bare hands-that person has also undergone years of training and discipline.” There might be some physically challenged person who will have a great difficulty in using a knife for personal safety. For such scenarios, adopting a pet dog makes sense. There are some of the violent yet extremely faithful dog breeds such as Mastiff, German Shephard and Rottweiler which are capable of tackling one or two person at a time if needed. Dogs are also another reason for having personal…show more content…
Would crime decrease? Recently, a married couple killed 14 people and wounded 22 other people in San Bernardino. They were homegrown terrorist and made the decision to take revenge out on innocent people. They went to a Department of Public Health where an event was taking place. The couple charged in and open fire indiscriminately and changed the fate of many. Unfortunately, they were not on the FBI’s watch list because the couple became radicalize through the internet. Also, they did not show obvious signs of extremism and were given guns and other serious weapons through a friend. This is just one incident from numerous incidents that took place on the street of country every
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