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Introduction For this assignment I decided to interview a friend, and find out all I could about the profession of being a dental hygienist. Marissa Crouch is new to the medical world and loves her job very much. In the interview we discussed; why she chose to become a dental hygienist, what schooling she went through, how she and her coworkers see the health care field changing, and how she uses health promotion in her job setting. Marissa helped me to learn a lot about her chosen profession and what to expect if I wanted to become a dental hygienist myself one day.

Deciding on a Profession Marissa Crouch was deciding between two different careers both in the health care world. She could not decide whether to become a nurse or a dental hygienist. After long discussions with her boyfriend at the time, he gave the advice to take an internship and see what she enjoyed most. Marissa then got the internship at a dentist office not to far from her house. She instantly knew that was the job for her. Marissa’s …show more content…

Her son Christopher decided to come a month and a half early, making her first semester of college possible. She enrolled at lone star junior college and stayed for two years to complete her basics. When two years were up her boyfriend got excepted into pharmaceutical school at A&M in College Station. Knowing College Station was in her future and wanting to pursue a job in the Health field, she looked towards all sorts of majors. Narrowing her choices down to nursing or dental hygiene, Marissa thought Blinn offered her best chances of getting accepted to school. That is when she took the internship at the Dental office, and soon applied for dental hygienist school at Blinn in College Station. In another two years she graduated and went back to the same dental office where she previously held her internship, and a job was waiting for

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