Basketball Marketing Plan

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Introduction As a marketing manager it is imperative that the knowledge of the 4P’s (price, product, promotion, and place) is always on the forefront, especially when it entails “putting the right product in the right place, at the right price and at the right time (Martin, 2014)”. The author has been given the role of a marketing manager for a retail store where they are to use the marketing analysis presentation given by the team to identify which basketball would be chosen for marketing as well as, which would sell the most? Second, the marketing manager will use the marketing analysis presentation survey to provide an outlook on the customer’s purchasing behavior? Third, the marketing manager will explain how the promotion activity …show more content…

The survey indicates convenience was not a big concern as the buyers prefer to buy their products. Next, the buyers stated that they did not agree or disagree on what they want to buy when shopping. Third, the buyers are not patient when they are ready to order their products. They want their products as fast as they order it. Fourth, the survey noted that the buyers like to look at several options. Fifth, most buyers would like to test the product before purchasing. Lastly, the buyers want diversity in their shopping experience. Although, the traditional store has its place in our society, the online store provides another experience that the younger generation frequents.

How does promotion activity assist with the sale of product at this store? Which method of promotion would you recommend?
In the marketing analysis presentation, the special promotion has some good ideas regarding how to sell the product as well as to provide a deal. This marketing manager believes that Promotion three (3) would be the best for both the company and customer. This is so because, the promotion does not give much of a discount in regards to the price of the basketball, but, it gives back to the community. It is the marketing manager opinion that the community in which this product will be sold likes the fact that the organization decided to give back or invest in the community. This promotion will further bind the community and organization with this sale as well as future

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