The Benefits Of Eating Pizza

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brief analysis of pizza
Pizza is an Italian dish that consists of bread, tomoto sauce, cheese and a variety of toppings. Originally called pizza pie, it is very much like a pie in the sense that it contains crust, inside fillings, toppings and a circular shape. When pizza was originally utilzied, many people utilzied the crust as the main dish, however, as pizza gained popularity, the crust crust itself served as a staple food that cocntained a variation of herbs, sauces, spsices and toppings.

The Benefits Of Eating Pizza
Some people assume that pizza is unhealthy for you, due to the fact that they are sold at fast food restuarants such as Dominos pizza and Pizza crust. However, medical research has shown that, not only is eating pizza healthy
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The tomotaos that are used within this type of sauce are rich in licopene. Licopene is a carotenoig pigment, that has strong antioxidant properties. As such, by eating pizza it can help to rid your body of harmful toxins.

2) Minizies Risk Of Prostate Cancer
One of the most popular spices that many pizza makers utilzie is oregano. Oregano in particular contains an active compound that goes by the name of Carvacrol. In a variety of well documnted studies, medical resrearch have demonstarted that carvacrol can help to minize the risk of aquring prostate cancer. This is due to the fact that once carvacrol enters the body, it can hack into prostate-cancer causing cells and reprogram them to essentially kill themsselves. It doess such an effeective job at doing this, that the medical community has proclaimed that carvacrol may even help to treat prostate canccer.

3) Strengthens Your Bones
As mentioned before, one of the main ingredeints of Pizza is cheese. Cheese in general is a helthy source of calcium. Statistics demonstarte than an avrage slice of pizza can contain as much as 20% calcium. what that means is that by eating 3 slices of pizza, your body wll be able to receive 60% of the recomned calcium intake that your bone needs to maintain its

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