Disadvantages Of Mutualism In Canada

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Mutualism is when both sides benefit, and in the process of immigration, both Canada and the immigrants benefit greatly. As a matter of fact, Canada is a very popular place to immigrate to, it is one of the top ten most immigrated to countries in the world. Immigrants come to seek refugee, work, their families, or even just a new life. They help us by creating a better and younger workforce, and we help them to have a home and to be safe. One benefit of this mutualistic relationship is that we become a more multicultural country. Another perk is that there is growth in the labor force, and job shortages are filled. And lastly, the thing that is gained from this relationship is that families are reunited. Overall, Canada and immigration are…show more content…
One way that they have gained is that the group that was born during the baby boom is now starting to reach retirement, and Canada is facing many shortages in the labor force. Now there are shortages in jobs and the labor force, and that isn’t very good. The way that we can solve this problem is by bringing in immigrants who can work and who will help to fill up our shortages. For instance, if there is a shortage of construction workers, we can bring in immigrants who fit in the age category needed, who will work and fill up those shortages.Filling the labor shortages is a big perk to immigration because they can help the Country by creating more jobs, and by lowering the unemployment numbers. Even though bringing in new immigrants may not take away all the unemployment, but it helps the amount of employed Canadians to go up. For example, if there are fifty job opening in a magazine company, and thirty immigrants come and fill up the jobs, there are still lots of unemployed people, but the number of employed people goes up. If the labor force is increased by young immigrants, Canada then has a younger labor force. If we fill the shortages with people aged twenty to twenty-nine, this creates a younger workforce, which then creates a long time workers to be working. If five twenty-year-olds come to Canada and start working in…show more content…
They may say that only Canada is benefited and that the immigrants are either indifferent or are harmed in this relationship. They are wrong because the immigrants do really benefit from joining a multicultural Canada, it makes it easier for them to adjust to their new life. Also, the fact that labor force growth is not good for immigrants is not true. They are benefited by the fact that they are offered more jobs because of the shortages, and the fact that they can get a better job because they are needed. Others may say that Canada does not benefit from reuniting families, but that is also not true. When immigrants have families back in their countries, they send the money back instead of spending it in Canada. When their families are in Canada, the money is then spent in Canada, and Canada prospers.

In conclusion, there is a mutualistic relationship between Canada and immigrants because Canada is becoming more culturally diverse, there is growth in the labor force, and families are being reunited. As a matter of fact, Canada is assisted by becoming more multicultural, having a growing labor force, and immigrants gain by being reunited with their families. Overall, there are so many ways that Canada and the immigrants prosper through this process, and that is why it is an admirable mutualistic
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