Benefits Of Mutualism In Canada

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Mutualism is when both sides benefit, and in the process of immigration, both Canada and the immigrants benefit greatly. As a matter of fact, Canada is a very popular place to immigrate to, it is one of the top ten most immigrated to countries in the world. Immigrants come to seek refugee, work, their families, or even just a new life. They help us by creating a better and younger workforce, and we help them to have a home and to be safe. One benefit of this mutualistic relationship is that we become a more multicultural country. Another perk is that there is growth in the labor force, and job shortages are filled. And lastly, the thing that is gained from this relationship is that families are reunited. Overall, Canada and immigration are a mutualistic relationship because of the fact that we are becoming a more multicultural country, the labor force is growing, and job shortages are being filled, and families are being reunited.

Immigration is great for Canada, it has opened up new doors and has created an astonishingly multicultural country to live in. It is said that Canada doesn’t really have a food, and that’s because instead of just having “Canadian food”, we have food from all around the world.We have so many different types of cuisine available, Indian, Italian, Korean, Chinese, German, Ukrainian, just to name a few. The food comes from different cultures and represents the fact that we are multicultural. For example, even here in small town, Alberta, we have

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