Refresh Marketing Strategy Essay

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Tools to be used for promotion

• Branded packages
• Free samples/trials
• Coupons
• Display and demonstration


The Refresh will provide the customers the Big burger experience that will make them stand out as patrons of new emerging trends. Refresh would be able to achieve this by doing the following:

• Strengthening research and development
• Improve quality of the products
• Targeting customers with higher purchasing power
• Increasing the cooperation with supply and distribution channels
• Having a powerful marketing team
This strategy would place the refresh in a very advantageous position in newly emerging highly competitive and dynamic business environment as this strategy would:-
• Protect it from competition
• Increase the brand loyalty
• Reduce the price sensitivity
Market Niche

Changing food habits :- People are getting more health conscious and they are looking for healthy foods. The trends are changing as customers are becoming less receptive to junk and fried food.
Refresh will offer a health alternative food to its customers which will enable the company to charge reasonable price that will make it grow.

Market Share

Currently, refresh will be the only provider of quality fast food in this new location and it is expected that it will capture greater market share by adopting the marketing strategies
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There has been increasing demand for Refresh’s products and the enterprise would like to take advantage of this demand to increase its profitability at the same time. The new restaurant will be situated in High ridge area of Lusaka city. The people who live in this area have adopted the western culture way of eating and always want to eat away from their homes. The enterprise will provide a differentiated products and services to its customers. It will also put in place a powerful marketing

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