Health Care Burnout Analysis

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Running head: HEALTH CARE MANAGEMENT 1 HEALTH CARE MANAGEMENT 16 Health Care Management - Work Overload Student’s Name Institutional Affiliation Abstract Health care workers face a variety of challenges, among them psychological stressors. Among such psychological stressors is the development of the burnout syndrome. Often, burnout among health care professionals affects the outcome of health care facilities such as the quality of services offered and the safety of the care provided. The development of burnout among health care workers is work overload. Health workers live a stressful life day after day. This stress is looked at as a risk factor for health care workers across the world, in regards to safety…show more content…
12). As such, burnout is a psychological symptom of chronic exhaustion, inefficacy and cynicism. Exhaustion results from a person’s experience with stressful situations such that their physical and emotional resources become inefficient. When workers are exhausted, they have low initiative for work hence an even lower capacity for demanding tasks (Persily, 2013, Pg. 7). Cynicism entails the lack of passion and enthusiasm for one’s work. Cynicism is a product of exhaustion in the sense that a worker gets detached from their work as a result of being overly exhausted. Other than excessive workload, other causes of burn out in health care are inadequate resources, and mediocre pay (Campbell, 2013, Pg. 27). However, workload is the main reason behind burnout in health care workers as it is the main focus of this paper. The promise of a delivery system reform did not alleviate the risk of burnout among health care professionals which remains a significant threat to the achievements of the…show more content…
There will be a need for dense system modifications to combat burnout on its every level. Physicians have intense workload of managing an increasingly medically complex patient population in a short time, for less money, and come out with better outcomes. There are no potential remedies for health care workers burnout in hospitals let alone in individual primary health care practice (Wessels et-al, 2013 Pg. 322). Payment models should be revised to incorporate the value for patient counseling and team-based approaches such as care coordination. The organization of health care facilities should also be revised in such a manner that leadership focuses on the creation of a culture that supports employee wellbeing and sustains resilience. Some organizations ensure the wellbeing of their workers by setting up and prioritizing on recognition programs for their passionate workers. Also, programs for interdisciplinary teams can come together and discuss the emotional and psychological aspects of patient care which can improve foster empathy and

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