Florence Nightingale Nursing Process

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“What is nursing?” This is a question that was asked by interviewer in my interview. Nursing was come from Florence Nightingale in 19 century. Florence Nightingale was not only a nursing leader, but also she is a powerful nursing model that influencing of all nurses till now.
In Roy’s Adaptation Model defines that each person has different adaption levels, so nursing helps person in four adaptive modes: the physiological mode , self-concept , social role , interdependence. Nursing means stay on your clients , put yourself into their shoes , also which helps them to meet physical , psychology , social , spiritual needs .
Caring is related to nursing, it is a reflecting behavior from the heart . “Assisting, supporting, or enabling another individual …show more content…

However, the roles of nurse are different in 21 century .Nursing is a professional, people need to satisfactorily complete the theoretical and practical training, obtain nursing knowledge and skill. Nursing also has developed the code of ethics, which maintains quality nursing for all clients and monitor professional behavior of nurses.
Actually, nurses are not just focus on hospital, but also in old aged home, community agencies, society. Nurses care clients who are discharged from hospital, they would dressing, administrate medication and assess client’s condition .Nurses also work as teachers even outside hospital, they educate public various knowledge such as personal hygiene, inflection prevention, self-check education . In addition , nurses act as client advocate . Nurses have a sense of patient centered care , represent client’s need ,convey their request and wishes to others as nurses care clients …show more content…

Nurses and clients establish trust and respect in this relationship , clients talk more their feelings and thinking freely to nurse , they know that nurses are considerate , honest and would not suspect and challenge their behavior . Nurses respect every client, they are not just help clients to recover or educate the prevention , but also how to assist dyed clients to face death respectively and peacefully . Nurses try to release clients emotional problem , even though it is a difficult issue . They ensure objectivity and a suitable professional response .
In my experience , therapeutic nurse-client relationship is not easy to build up at the short time . Although I completed the fall assessment , knew their living conditions and educated the fall prevention to the elderly during a half hour visiting at their homes , and I realized that it was hard for them to speak from the heart to people who meet only few time. Establishing the relationship is not a speed process , that is a progressive process ,nurse and client need to spend their honest and heart mutually for time to time

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