Business Case Study: Neverland Toys

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Introduction: Neverland toys limited is small enterprise business started over 2007 by Kyle and Peter. Both Kyle and Peter always focused on building up their client count and moving it to a franchise business. The experienced and trained staffs were appointed to make sure the quality of the business is improved and well maintained. The guideline was set up to improve the “management structure, marketing, accounting, performance reporting and legalities”. The branch and each departments inside the organization was clearly noted that the responsibility of each employees is carried out well. Based on the content of the case study the Neverland Toys opened up their first franchise outside the city and it was opened and owned by the person George. …show more content…

Culture reflects regular perspectives about how the organization affects and supports the society and other local cultural behavior. It is an inner domain of an Organization. The culture differs on both internal and external factors the inside culture is more as like the corporate culture. Culture licenses individuals to perform open qualities, so their practices can impact of an organization. The enterprise always includes many different culture inside them, it is all based on what and which type of culture is strongly maintained.The best equation of Peter and Kyle would be their improvement and standard they maintained over the quality of the product with good customer service. This had given them a huge success.(Bartol, Tein, Matthews, & Sharma, 2008).Three parts of culture present inside the organization are crucial when examining the effect of culture on an Organization "direction, pervasiveness and strength”. Direction is the extent to which a culture disturbs the organizational goal for which the whole team is running forward." Extensiveness alludes to how comprehensively a culture is, or not, held between individuals. Strength show the amount of individuals concede the qualities and extra attributes of the …show more content…

Environmental changes are those where the organization attributes changes in the environment in which the management of the organization operates. Organizations are economic units and retailers challenge an environment which obtains clients, oppositions and the drastically changing technology. An environment can change the revenues of a single organization or a cluster of organizations. An organization in a specific environment that competes can robust all the other organizations that do not amend with. Therefore, the birth, success and failure of an organization many times depends on the business environment. For example, the success and decline of Neverland toys limited depends upon the inability of those organizations that react rapidly and optimistically to the changes of the environment. Therefore, the environmental changes are also based four elements that are called the PEST. The political element submits based on the system of the government and laws that is operated by the organization. For example, Kyle took up the responsibility on the development of the marketing plan and created templates so that each franchise manager could report and would be accountable of the weekly and monthly reports that is the sales

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