Analysis Of The Pillars Of Character By Tiyasha Sarkar

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The Pillars of Character
Tiyasha Sarkar

When I first of the Pillars of Character I thought of the most common traits; loyalty, responsibility, honesty, reliability, and kindness. I always thought out of these traits as the most because I have always been taught these traits as these were taught to me by many of my former teachers and my parents.

Many people think important trait was honesty because if there's no trust there is no world. Much of the world's deals are based upon trust and many a times the trust has been broken leg to many wars. Today though I won’t be talking about those moments of Wars of distrust. On the other hand I Will be talking about the different ways TRUST is a very important character trait. Trust effects of : Relationships, …show more content…

Then, one day my friend and i sat down and started to talk out problems out with Tim and Cecilia when we started to talk them I told them I had lost my trust in them. After that talk everything became better between the five of us and things have been better ever since.

This was a time when I learned that trust was the building blocks of a relationship and that is why I have stopped arguing against trust as a building block of a relationship.

Responsibility may be affected by trustworthiness there is a story I wrote to go with this concept. The story is called “ Five Spoons of Salt”

It goes; There was a girl who was very irresponsible and whose parents feared for ehr memory health. This girls name was Emma, Forgetfu-Emma. One day she was told by her father to go to the store to buy some medicines as he had a splitting headache from staying up late, the other night. Emma agreed to go, yet once she reached the store she went directly to the candy section and bought a whole lot of candy and came home without the medicines her father had wanted her to

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