Stress Among College Students Essay

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Stress can occur when there are demands on an individual that exceed his or her coping capabilities. There are different stressors that college students are facing; these are school, friends and family, but the top stressor that greatly contributes to the students is due to their academic demands. Stress due to new environment, new school, and new place and there might even be culture shock for students studying away from home. Students especially freshmen have hard time to adjust in their new life as college students. Sometimes, combination of peer pressure, academic pressure and feeling of aloneness trigger emotional instability among college students. Individuals have different ways of dealing with stress, some tend to reduce their food intake or increase their food intake. The reason why most of the college students are stress with their school life is because of the pressure to perform well both academically and athletically, to fit in with peers, and to form relationships. One of the research found that students who gain weight during the college period tend to continue a slow, steady gain in weight. One of the studies performed by Gres (2008) among 135 college students, statistically significant but has fair weight increases during the freshman year for most participants. Young adults when moved …show more content…

Stress in any form- emotional instability, peer pressure or academic stress can lead a person to engage in unhealthy eating pattern especially college students undergoing so much academe stress and is in the stage of social adjustments. The researchers then address this concern to all vulnerable individual, college or university institutions and all persons concerned about this study for awareness and early prevention of unhealthy eating behaviour knowing this unhealthy pattern can lead to further health

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