Compare And Contrast Plymouth Plantation And Jamestown

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For the Money or for Religion The Plymouth Plantation and Jamestown were two colonies who both established in the “new world” which is now known as the United States of America. These two colonies did have similarities in how they lived, but they also came for different reasons. One colony came for religious reasons and the other came for the business and money. “You don't work, you don't eat”(Smith 73). John Smith was the leader of Jamestown. William Bradford was the leader of the Plymouth Plantation. Both colonies are very similar but very different and it is very interesting to see how they differentiate.
The Plymouth Plantation was a group of people that came over to America from Great Britain to have freedom of religion. They believed that everything that has been happening was already destined by god. A man fell overboard and it was destined by God (Bradford 79). William Bradford, the leader of the Plymouth Plantation was a great leader that was born in England …show more content…

First of all, both colonies came to America, but they came for different reasons, one came for Religion and the other came to get rich. Both of those reasons are good reasons to come to America, but if you don't care about others and don't want to help others like the Jamestown colony did, their is no good reason to come to America. Basically, Jamestown was a very bad built colony that didn't really care about nobody but themselves and money and the Plymouth Plantation was a colony that that cared about people's safety and wanted to have freedom of religion so that they could be free to practice whatever they wanted.
In conclusion the Plymouth Plantation and Jamestown are very different and alike in many ways and it is very interesting to see how this country's ancestors were and how different the colonies were. The Plymouth were nice people and Jamestown was filled with selfish and greedy

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