Compulsory Education Essay

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What’s the effect of compulsory education in China
Children are important because they are the future of a country. So, education for children is necessary and compulsory education can make sure most of children can be educated. In the past, Chinese didn’t have enough money to execute compulsory education. After doing much effort, compulsory education was executed in 1986. The compulsory education system causes many effect and issues.
The issue of tuition and incidentals
The first period of Chinese compulsory education (between 1986 and 2007) had a big problem-----it was not free. In 1986, China passed the Law on Compulsory Education of the People 's Republic of China, which symbols that China began to execute compulsory education. However, at the beginning, the compulsory education is “compulsory education with Chinese characteristics”, (Xiao, 2012, 1) which means that the compulsory education is just compulsory and the governments didn’t pay the tuition. It is a big problem. People in rich cities didn’t have too much trouble because they had money. But the tuition was a big burden for families in poor villages or towns. A survey of a village in Hunan in 2001 referred that the government only paid 22.3% of the tuition for children in compulsory education, which means children’ parents needed to pay another 77.7% tuition. Many poor families couldn’t afford that and the percent of completion of 9 year compulsory education was only 76% in the whole nation (Xiao, 2012, 2),
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