Essay On Concealed Carry On Campus

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There has been an uproar lately about concealed carry on campus. Many politicians are pushing for increased gun control while many in the south or those affiliated with the NRA are actually pushing to have less gun laws. In this day in time is it really guns that can save us? In one of my classes we had a debated about the concealed carry law that Texas was shortly going to pass. It was actually yesterday, August 1, that they have now begun to allow students over the age of 21 to carry their concealed licenses on their college campus. Although they would have to have a handgun licenses to do so. I for one am on neither side of the spectrum. I don’t exactly agree or disagree that concealed carry on campus would make it less safe or more safe for that matter. There have been great points on both sides as to why it would work or not work. For instance, as David Skorton and Glenn Altschuler stated in, Do We Really Need More Guns on Campus, “We Don’t need to put more firearms in the hands of college students, a cohort that includes emotionally volatile young men …show more content…

In the essay written by the Students For Concealed Carry, Why Our Campuses Are Not Safe without Concealed Handguns, they stated, “The SFGS essay points to two attacks on facility where the shooters knew that law enforcement officers would be present, as evidence that suicidal gunmen are not deterred by armed resistance. Those particular shooters may not have been deterred, but they also didn’t cause nearly as great a loss of life as is often caused by shooters in “gun- free zones”. (17) Most shootings that take place at schools are by suicidal gunmen who plan to do as much harm as possible to others. If the gunmen knew there were likely people who were armed they may not target that area and if they do, they will more than likely not kill as many as they

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