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The concept of politeness language is not merely a means of passing information, it is also a way to form relationship and negotiate interpersonal meaning (Locher, 2012). There are some factors that affect use of language in communication. These factors are: 1) the relative power of the addressee over the speakers, 2) the degree of imposition of the to be performed act, and 3) the social distance between the speaker and the addressee. The degree of these factors determines the degree of politeness applied by the interactants in communication (Brown & Levinson, 1987, p.73).
According toLackoff, to decide whether an act is polite or impolite, three rules while considering that different culture mayjudge differently on the same acts (1975,
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‘Positive politeness’ is expressed by satisfying ‘positive face’ in two ways: 1) by indicating similarities amongst interactants; or 2) by expressing an appreciation of the interlocutor’s self-image. The different types of positive politeness strategies are (e.g., noticing or attending to hearer, seeking agreement, avoiding disagreement). In Negative politeness the speaker minimizes the threat to the negative face to show respect and also not to show an imposition on the listener or it expresses respect and consideration, being pessimistic, minimizing the imposition and giving deference, are the examples of negative politeness strategies.(Brown & Levinson 1987,…show more content…
The case of Iranian complainers, studied the effects of complainers’ sex, age, perceived situational seriousness, and social class on the use of conversational strategies in their complaining behavior, 465 subjects of varying sex, age and social class were observed and taped recorded in spontaneous conversation by 25 field workers. The four strategy under study were: 1) dealing with complaint situation, 2) expressing emotion, 3) providing rhetoric for arguments and4) manipulating development of conversation. He said that his finding was odd. He logically he expects more complaints, but they did in opposite

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