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Texas is a great state to be in. At times I rather live in Texas then any other state. My allergies are bad with this Texas weather. It changes so often we never know what each day will be. I was in Colorado and New York and my breathing and allergies were fine. Plus, the fact that there was snow. Texas as a lot more to offer than just those fun pleasures. I would pick Texas anytime. What people see on T.V is overdramatized to what Texas is really like. The television shows portraying Texas can not hold a candle to the real thing.
One stereotype is that all Texans wear cowboy boots and hats. That is not true. People wear regular clothes and sneakers. We all do not have spurs, some boots worn are like timberlands. Most people wear shorts and t-shirts. The Texas heat does not favor the jeans a person can get over heated in them. The time people may dress like that would be during the State Fair, dress up day at school, or if in the Rodeo. Texans also do not ride horses all the time. They have cars, trains, and buses. Texas is not just a wide-open desert and dirt road where people just race horses and fire guns for the fun of it.
Sports is a touchy subject when it comes Texans. We do love our football. College and High School football is huge. We cheer more for them than the pros. Not everyone in Texas goes …show more content…

Texans can master almost anything, just not Italian food. Our Italian food is iffy it can be a hit or miss. Texas has barbeque that just can not be built. To get great barbeque a person has to go to Texas not a shop that says taste like Texas. It is something about the barbeque sauce and the fire being used to get that Smokey flavor. Then we have Tex-Mex with our touch at Mexican food. Texans touch turned into its own thing that is known throughout. Tex-Mex merges barbeque and Mexican food. The outcome could be brisket tacos, brisket nachos, and steak fajitas. When Texas try something, they make it and improve on the previous

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