Disadvantages Of Mongol Analysis

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In the 1400s, the Mongols were largely coming out of Mongol rule. There were both advantages and disadvantages to Mongol influence. One of the advantages was the establishment of a tribute government, not a full government. This allowed for a system which was more efficient and put more power into the hands of the ruler. Another advantage was the adoption of Mongol dress and social habits. These new habits were seen as both good and bad, in terms of Russian culture. Despite this positive effects, there was also a host of bad ones. One bad effect the Mongols had on the Russians was an overall reduced vigor of Russian life. This was presented in a myriad of issues for the Russian peoples. Firstly, there were lowered rates of literacy in the …show more content…

Boyars also lost power around this time. Boyars were Russian aristocrats that could rival the ruler at times. Their power went into decline as the centralized powers became more strong. Also at the time, the title and power of tsar was on the rise. Originating from Caesar in Latin, tsar was being used more as the Russian monarchs, brought to prominence by Ivan the Terrible. Russia continued to push outward, reaching to central Asia and western Siberia, as well as pioneering the Pacific Ocean. At the time, Russia also moved away from their agricultural economy, looking to Western powers as a model for trade and the economy. Westernization occurred substantially under Peter the Great, greatly helping Russia and in the expansionist sense. Continuing to build upon their empire, Russia pushed eastward, running into different world powers at the time. As they pushed South, they shared a border with the powerful Ottoman Empire. This trend continues into the reign of Catherine the Great, who continued border disputes with the Ottoman empire, winning lands and power. Russia also pushed to colonize east, conquering Alaska, giving it its Russian name. Domestically, she also increased her power, in addition to quickly quelling revolts from her subjects. Following Catherine’s death, Russia was more powerful than ever, exercising power over a massive area, securing its place as a world power. This, of course, could was rivaling Western European powers. Countries in Western Europe opened trade more with Russia, realizing their growing strength as a superpower. Ultimately, Russia’s lots of the might and strength Russia exercises today is a result of this period of great

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