Earvin Magic Analysis

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In the article “the black community already has enough basketball players” Earvin Magic, is talks about how important is to attend to college. The author tells us that basketball players should focus on their career like lawyers, doctor, and teachers. It is important because basketball is considered as a wealthy sport. Basketball is a hard sport to get into you most have skills to be available to play so it is hard to get into a basketball group. Magic says that going to college could be hard, but if people believed in themselves, they could be successful. The author also says that it's difficult to get into a basketball career when there are too many players but with a careers people may get a job that their could be successful. The author’s point of view about this topic is that people should have a college degree even if their occupation doesn't require them to have one. As I noticed in the previous paragraph, college may be hard, but everybody can have the opportunity to get educated. Even if people don’t know what they want to do study in college, they study different subjects and latter can select a careers of their choice. in society college is significant because college requires a …show more content…

if people get a good careers they could make a good income that can help them to support them self and their families. An example is Steven Jobs who created Apple. He was the invent of the apple products . He graduates from high school and attended college for one semester, but latter dropped out. Many years later after becoming successful he went back and finish college. This Is a perfect example do to is relevant with topics because you don't now what can happen in your

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