Edy's Vs. Blue Bunny

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Edy’s vs. Blue Bunny Edy’s ice cream ad compared to Blue Bunny’s ice cream ad is more of an old-fashioned style. In Edy’s ad, it describes its ice cream as “slow churned” and “a family tradition.” The colors in it has that old-timey feel to it. Blue Bunny has a modern taste to it. The colors are very bright and the cartons are see through. Edy’s targets families. It’s trying to reach out to the people who still want things how they used to be. Blue Bunny’s goal is for anyone who eats ice cream. They just want to sell their product to anyone interested. Between the two, Edy’s is more effective. Edy’s ad uses very little words in it. A lot of their advertisement comes from the actual picture. Their slogan is “A Family Tradition …show more content…

Their slogan is “These new see thru cartons are part genius, part torture.” What they’re trying to say is that their ice cream is irresistible already and with their new clear cartons, it’s even more irresistible. They go express that more at the bottom when it says “Control yourself. Because now you can see the sweet, delicious ingredients in every carton. Sorry, not sorry.” Just like Edy’s, Blue Bunny strategically used common flavors people would recognize. On the side, there’s a bowl of their ice cream to give a better visual. The ad being a modern type, it catches the younger eye. When children see the actual ice cream sitting in the carton, they’ll be more likely to get excited about it. The company also has a catch phrase in the bottom right corner that says “So Hoppin’ Good.” It helps with the advertisement because their mascot is a rabbit and the brand is blue bunny. The whole ad connects well together and it makes the ad as a whole better. (Blue Bunny) Between the two ads, Edy’s is more effective in getting the point across. They put their focus on one flavor and on one slogan. Their ad is more direct about what they are trying to accomplish. They’re repetitive when using simple over and over. They target a lot of people with a lot of different factors. They make their picture simple but appealing. As compared to Blue Bunny, they go about advertising in a broader sense. It’s effective, but

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