Effective Verbal And Written Communication Essay

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The following is an assignment on the care of a confused client. Every client should be provided with care which preserves their human rights, dignity, independence, autonomy and privacy. Along with all these rights, a confused client should be cared for meticulously whilst maintaining good awareness for their needs through observation and planning as some patients can be unpredictable.

Assessment of individual client needs
A new client is assessed by the multi-disciplinary team (MDT). Common members of a MDT include a GP, Occupational Therapist, Physiotherapist, Staff Nurse, Dietician and Activities Co-ordinator. Once all the client’s needs are evaluated, a care plan is written up. This personal plan is specifically customized towards the …show more content…

Other preventative measures include promoting continence through regular toilet visits or even complimenting them to increase their confidence of toilet use. Encouragement to exercise, dance or even clap their hands can also help.

Effective verbal and written communication with client and healthcare team
A confused client may have difficulty communicating possibly due to forgetting words and phrases or inability to express what they want to say. This makes it all the more important for a HCA to display excellent interpersonal skills and communicate effectively. A verbal example is;
• Getting their attention, approach the confused person from the front as you identify yourself
• If they are seated, kneel down to their height while maintaining eye contact. Their facial expression may give clues as to their mood.
• Listen carefully to the client and try your best to understand what the client is communicating.
• A friendly expression and relaxed tone will be of great benefit to both parties.
• Speak clearly, at a general pace and don’t

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