Effects Of Blood Doping

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Blood doping. An illegal way of increasing the athletic performance by increasing the blood’s ability to carry more oxygen to the muscles. It increases the quantity of the haemoglobin in the blood stream. Haemoglobin is the carrying agent of oxygen through the blood. The fact that more blood is being brought from from the lungs to the muscles, this higher amount of blood can increase the level of the athlete. Side effects: Blood clot: Blood clot can cause death. Blood doping can have the same side effect as the EPO , that is blood clot. Blood clot is usually form to repair damage artery or veins. It is in a jelly like form to prevent bleeding. When blood clot is formed and that it is not needed to repair any damaged artery or vein it may prevent good blood flow. The symptoms can be swelling , redness and pain, this may also reduce the oxygen delivery to tissues supplied by the artery concerned . the first symptom is usually pain. When the blood clot is formed in other areas like coronary arteries it is often accompanied by chest pain and heart attack. Stimulants. This is a type of drug that increases alertness and physical abilities by increasing the heart rate, breathing rate and brain capabilities . It has a direct effect on the central nervous system, through this it can increase both the psychological and the physiological performance of an individual. They are mainly used to fight fatigue to suppress appetite so as to enable the athlete to exercise at an

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