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When I first came into English 1101, I had no confidence in my writing. I didn’t know if I was writing correctly or even forming an essay correctly, also I had trouble with research papers and the process of writing these kinds of essays. I would often feel overwhelmed and embarrassed because I was never taught how to write any essay correctly. I thought to myself, how could I have not known how to write? Writing should have been something so first nature to me, but through the help of Mrs. Hermanson and her positive attitude, eager teach, and nurturing nature, I felt unafraid to make mistakes, I became more confident in my writing and ready take on the world of writing. When I was required to writing my first essay, I was so nervous due to the lack of confidence I had in my writing abilities. I was afraid if I didn’t …show more content…

It teaches them very bad things) some would have thought it was written by a third grader, but now I am writing at a higher level because of the wonderful professors who took the time to push and nurture my writing abilities, also during this semester Mrs.Hermanson has made my writing experience enjoyable, so glad I had the chance to take her class. She taught me ways of looking for the help I needed to stay focused with writing and the writing process. I took every word and commit very seriously and applied it to future essays. I never let my failures in writing discourage me or give up. I just kept on going and trying to reach my ultimate goal of being a better writer. I also put a lot of commitment in learning the writing process taking the time to research and look for ways to help me improve, whether it was surfing the web or asking someone for help and now I look forward to taking what I have learned and use it to the best of my

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