Essay On Cellphones In Schools

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The Pew Research Center in Washington, D.C. found that 73 percent of teens own or have access to a smartphone. Schools across America have had to make the rising decision on the standards of mobile devices in classrooms. Along with the growing numbers of teens with these devices such as phones, Ipads, Ipods, Personal computers etc., have come problems and benefits of involving phones in schools across the nation. All schools in the U.S. should allow electronic devices in school settings; a personal device can be used for many things other than what is thought, devices can create a more engaging environments, and phones can open the lines of communication between teachers and students. Despite being used for things like social media or texting,…show more content…
Decatur High Principal Mike Ward said he is concdfr5r6777yhb cerned about cheating with cell phones. (Hughes 1). Personal devices could definitely pose the problem of cheating during testing hours for the reasons of looking up answers or communication with a friend about a question Despite these problems teachers could simply take phones strictly for testing hours in order to ensure that cheating is not a problem with cell phones. An article on phones in school states, “Distraction can pose a danger to learning and even to life itself.”(Darwin 10). If students are distracted and not paying attention in class,they will not learn at an efficient rate. Despite this if teachers constantly are watching over students and standards are put in place the distraction of phones in the classroom will be a minor problem. Lastly a debate on phones in classrooms shares, “Facebook issues start at night and then spill over into school so we have to deal with the problem," (Weinbaum). Personal devices at school can overall promote bullying and gossip over social media. These acts of bullying can lead to causes for a decrease of learning and happiness in and out of school. On the other hand, if students are notified of bullying, and learn its effects on others social media and phones in schools will be beneficial rather that detrimental.
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