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In this task I would evaluate two pieces of business information, Apple would have used or could use to make strategic decisions. Apple uses the most common type of information to communicate with internal or external stakeholders which is verbal information and written information. This two information are used in every business to communicate with customers, clients, employees, suppliers, CEO/Shareholders etc formally or informally. Strategic decisions in Apple are made by higher or senior management in the organisation which are long-term, complex because it consists of many departments. In Apple there are three types of decisions in the business which are operational which make day to day decisions, tactical and strategic. Strategic decisions…show more content…
This information is used in Apple stores through telephone, face to face, meetings etc because it would influence on the strategic decisions made by different managements which would impact on the business. Using verbal information in meetings when communicating with managers or shareholders then they would understand the conversation clearly and in detail because it can be repeated if necessary. In 1997 when Steve Jobs returned to Apple as a CEO, the business was in $1 Billion loss and had an instability in the management, the business had less than 5% market share. This was because there was less business information and the business had a poor strategy. Steve Jobs changed Apple strategy by narrowing down the product range by holding meetings and presentations (written information) with managers, shareholders and employees using verbal information to change the product and express innovative ideas for new…show more content…
This was because this business communicated with customers using verbal information and gaining their feedback on their products, business and services, using research to find out their needs, market and gap in the market for a new product. After research this business launched iPhone in 2007 which suggested business information were useful as it met customers expectations and was favoured as it had unique and beautiful design with many features such as first smartphone as well. This product was successful and ground-breaking in the market as it had sold over 3 million units in 2007. This showed that the strategy was right and then this business launched final product which was iPad in 2010, which was successful as well. Mid 2011, Tim Cook had taken over the company as a new CEO due to Steve Jobs died and Steve Jobs in from 1977 to 2011 made Apple a successful and valuable brand across the world which was valued at billions of dollars with retail stores across the world and huge market share, successful products and billions of profits in

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