Food And Beverage Marketing Strategy

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Marketing is a dynamic and challenging activity and requires and understanding of both its strategies and principles. The practitioners of marketing in all sectors must possess the requisite skills and the practical experiences of implementing marketing ideas, techniques and processes in the market place so as to gain sustainable competitive advantage. To achieve marketing objectives more efficiently and effectively, a marketer must choose the right blend of the marketing mix strategies made all the time.
Marketing mix is considered as the most famous phase that is used in marketing and has been described as the element of marketing tactics. It is the term used to describe the combination of eight inputs that constitute the core of a company’s
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This is really a helpful thing for the small business owners to start creating their strategies with a glance at the marketing mix of brands for the success of their business.
The marketing mix of food and beverage enables the company to connect with consumers. It defines the business strategies and corresponding activities to implement the marketing plan. The targeted customers are engaged through the company’s evolving marketing mix. The success of any firm reflects the effectiveness of its marketing mix.
The food and beverage marketing mix consists of the development, pricing, distribution and promotion strategies which are based on thorough research and development of interrelated products. If you succeeded in conducting the right kind of research of interrelated products and if you analyse how the food and beverage marketing mix
The market is especially successful in using public relations in highlighting the benefits of its products and business. The marketing mix will emphasizes public relations and the quality of the product. Nonetheless, product, promotion, price and place are effectively used to capture the target market.
Importance of Marketing Mix in Food and Beverage Marketing
1) It Helps in Creating A Clean
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This marketing strategy is created based on P s of Marketing Mix defined as follows: Figure 2.2.1 : 8 Ps of Food and Beverage Marketing Mix
a) Product
Every event of yours is a product, so don’t forget to tailor it to the needs of the people whom you hope to attract. This includes looking at all ancillary activities which might take place in several stages like before, during and after the event. In a simplified manner, it includes pre-event days, promotions or contests on your website and social media pages, registration process of your event-day, food and beverage, spectator activities and post-event parties, recognition and awards.
Reviewing competitive or complementary projects for watching what they do in conjunction with their events. Surveying potential participants and holding on focus groups for finding out what would get them to attend and the price that they are willing to pay, if you are charging a fee. Examples of the product decisions to be made includes: brand name, functionality, styling, quality, safety, packaging, repairs and support, warranty and accessories and

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