Health, And Environment: An Essay On Health And The Environment

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Health & the Environment

Health & the Environment
Health is a condition where the person is not physically, mentally, and socially not fit or is not in the state of well-being and is not only limited to merely the absence of disease or infirmity. Whereas if we talk about the Environment it includes all the external factors effecting an organism. These factors may be other living organisms (Biotic factors) or non-living variables (abiotic factors). Such abiotic factors may be temperatures, rainfall, day length, and ocean currents. Health and the Environment both are directly related to each other and have direct influence over each other. As, a good health depends on the environment and for good health the
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The main reason for air pollution is energy use and the production. As during the energy use there is release of the other energy in the environment which are harmful in nature. Burning of fossil fuels also leads to air pollution. Smoking of cigarette and release of many harmful gases or wastes from the factory in an open leads to air pollution. Many sources say that the release of bad gases from the chimneys of the factory leads a lot of air pollution. The No. of vehicles is increasing day by day release a lot of gas which are harmful and is responsible for air pollution. Carbon dioxide contributes nearly 80% of global greenhouse gas emissions, followed by CH4 (14%), nitrous oxides (8%), and flue gases (1%). Out of these, nearly 60% come from energy supply, transport, industry, wastes and waste water. The global CO2 emissions from fossil fuels alone have increased 15-fold between1900-2008 . Throwing of the waste things or garbage’s of our home on the road is also one of the cause of air pollution. It is also the reason behind the Climate change. The release of the carbon di oxide & Methane raises the temperature. Smog forms when weather is warmer and there is more ultraviolet

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