Factors That Influence Consumer Decision Making

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1) Introduction
Consumer Behaviour is defined as the “study of the processes involved when individuals or groups select, purchase, use, or dispose of products, services ideas, or experiences to satisfy needs and desires,” we delve further to analyze these processes how they influence the decision making of the consumer. To get it right we start by identifying the influencers and then their methods and procedures in leveraging their influences and the consequential responsiveness in the marketplace.

As consumers tend to rely on the expertise of those who know better than them, it implies that consumers’ decisions are influenced by the opinions of those they see as experts and credible source of information. This brings us to the concept of
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Implications of Fashion Leadership:
Fashion leaders as a demographic group have more potential need for fashion products (interest) because of their greater participation in various types of social activities. This indicates that interest in particular issues is a factor to gregariousness.
As social group they are “Change Agents” in the diffusion process because they talk more to others about fashion and display it in their visual outfits within their immediate social environments.

4) Diffusion and Adoption
This is an investigation into the existence of marketplace influences and how the information is used to adopt new products in the
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Oprah Winfrey, O Magazine US actress and television talk show host. She is widely considered as one of the most influential women on television, Winfrey's list of "Ultimate Favourite Things" can make a product wildly popular. The psychosocial messages transmitted in the most watched episode each year of the ‘Oprah Winfrey Show and Oprah’s O Magazine’ tend to influence her fans and audience choice of products.

Strikingly, the Fashion Magazines have been identified by researches as the more common means to connect with ‘Women Fashion Leaders’, there is no single source to reach all these groups of marketplace influencers. 1) Executive Summary
There is a broad spectrum of factors that influence consumer decision making; these include- interpersonal influence, market mavens, opinion leaders and reference groups. Consumers interact with other individuals on daily basis. These interactions influence each other in many ways. Interpersonal influence is referred to the change in one’s behaviour due to other’s feelings, thoughts that are communicated, to them through different sources.
Reference groups are one of the major factors influencing people’s consumption

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