Impact Of Strategic Human Resource Management

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Student: David Greene Student Number: B00066343

BN403 Bachelor of Business Studies (Honours)

BSST 4013 Strategic Human Resource Management

Assignment Due date: 11th November 2014

Assignment: Strategic Human Resource Management (SHRM) has been, and remains, one of the most powerful and influential ideas to have emerged in the field of business and management during the past twenty-five years.

Word Count: max 4000

Executive Summary

This paper aims to look at why Strategic Human Resource Management has been and still continues to be a very powerful and increasingly influential idea in the field of business and management strategy since it was first devised over 25 years ago. The key areas that will be addressed over this
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As we will see organisations who have embraced this concept and incorporated successful SHRM policies have seen improvement in the areas of productivity, product/service quality, better financial performance, higher retention of key employees and in many cases overall improvement in their bottom line figures.

As mentioned the paper will look at some of the challenges facing SHRM today whilst also looking at how SHRM contributes to overall organizational performance, some of the theories of SHRM, the importance of strategic human resource planning (HRP) and the difficulties in getting it right and the benefits and challenges of performance management from a strategic perspective.
Strategic Human Resource Management is primarily concerned with:
-Organisational Culture -Motivation -Performance
-Change and change management -Employee training and
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This realization in the SHRM system is a critical dimension in the performance of a company (Rees, 2006). Through the research conducted and following extensive reading on the subject the reoccurring theme that came from these readings around SHRM was that business competitiveness was the dominant play. The ever changing landscape of business, increased competition not just nationally but from all parts of the globe, requirements for continuous innovations, increased quality requirements and cost reductions have forced companies to always improve their competitiveness and thus look to improve their
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