Importance Of Books As The Medium Of Communication

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Write a comprehensive note on importance of books as the medium of communication in the contemporary era.
Medium of communication: Medium of communication is a tool or outlet which is used to store and deliver information. It is broadly defined into two main categories; physical media and mechanical media.
I. Physical media: Physical means of communication (media) are basically those modes in of communication in which the person who is talking to the audience is physically present or can be heard and seen. This could be a one-way communication channel but can be gets to understand the person by not only hearing what he has to say but also by observing the body language to decipher things other than the words being heard. The physical media sometimes become a necessary mode of communication. Some types include:
• Huge meetings in halls etc
• Video conferences or internet talk
• Communication that goes viral
• Public talk
• Department meetings
• Close and personal sessions with a celebrity or normal person
II. Mechanical or Print media: This type of communication has adjusted itself with new technology which is why it is sometimes referred as the mechanical media. It includes written (published) or electronic channels. These channels can be used for providing detailed information or descriptions to provide readers with a deeper knowledge of subject but it is subject to problems since a clear picture is not always given in the print media and a script cannot always be made
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