Importance Of Communication In Engineering Students

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This research article highlights the prominence of communication in the English language for engineering pupils and the difficulties encountered by the engineering students specifically during their educational as well as professional life. The majority of the engineering students are good in technical skills or hard skills but they lag behind in communication specifically in the English language, the language which is considered as the lingua franca of the world. To get success in academics, group discussions or in campus interviews English communication competence is a must. As engineering field is considered to be one of the biggest and highly demanding in the world, without the English language command, the engineering students find themselves being unsuccessful in expressing their ideas or concepts to the others. The English language enjoys the widespread status across the world and it is exceptionally needed in the international professional arena. Hence the present research paper will highlight the importance of communication in English and how by refining the communication skills young engineering graduates can minimize the unemployability and reach to success within the engineering industry.

KEYWORDS: Engineering, Communication Skills, Unemployability


Communication plays a vital role in the social as well as professional life of human being. It is considered as the life blood of all human relationship. It is communication which helps us to share
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