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This research article highlights the prominence of communication in the English language for engineering pupils and the difficulties encountered by the engineering students specifically during their educational as well as professional life. The majority of the engineering students are good in technical skills or hard skills but they lag behind in communication specifically in the English language, the language which is considered as the lingua franca of the world. To get success in academics, group discussions or in campus interviews English communication competence is a must. As engineering field is considered to be one of the biggest and highly demanding in the world, without the English language command, the engineering students find themselves…show more content…
Gone are those days when just the technical skills were alone sufficient to get a good decent job. Today, an employee especially an engineer needs to cross national and cultural boundaries. This borderless era demands that an employee must possess all the necessary skills to power their own individual performance and that of others too. As a result, this directly shakes engineering education. The engineering institutions are required to meet the requirements of the language for the global engineer of the new era. Good language skills should be accompanied with technical skills to be an engineer of tomorrow. As English is considered as language international language of communication, it is a vital tool for business, science, and professionals. As most of the projects of engineering are planned and implemented across the national boundaries, an engineer of modern era required to communicate effectively. In the world, engineering field is considered to be one of the biggest fields to study. English as a tool or medium of communication for teaching, it affects academic life of engineering students. Throughout the course, engineering pupils have to deal with lectures, labs, tutorials, projects and papers in English only. During the job search process, for campus interviews, for group discussions, there is no other alternative to the English language. After getting the job it is necessary to

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