Essay On Becoming A Hairdresser

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When your young, you want to do things that will make you stand out from others. That make you cool and have lots of friends. So you teach yourself things at your own pace. Sometimes you don’t know you’re doing it and other times you think it’s a requirement. Just like learning a new language, teaching yourself things takes time and patience. Eventually you may just give up, or you can thrive at the talent. New Language : Becoming a Hairdresser I was always a kid who got bored easily. I wanted to do fun things all the time with no pause in between. That’s when I noticed one day that my friends hair was utterly beautiful. It was a braid that crowned her head making her look like royalty. I asked her who did it, she said her mom was a hair…show more content…
I wanted to be grown up and know things that only grown ups know. I started watching my parents talk around a group. As my parents friends and family gathered in the living room to chat, I would always pay attention to the topics they would speak about. One time I even tried speaking to them, I pretty sure I said something wrong by the way they looked at me and laughed hysterically. I was watching how my parents were polite and caring at certain situations. Then how they laughed and kept things appropriate to the manner. I wanted to know how to speak like an adult. Whenever my family made a mistake in front of a group I always made sure to keep clear of mentioning that topic again. I started with small things like looking at those who speak to you and listening without disruption. It took a little while because, as a small child I thought the things they talked about were absolutely boring. My mother told me I was a very patient child, listening intently to my grandma talk endlessly about her garden. Honestly, I was just practicing my eye contact skills. But eventually I learned to keep focus on the topic, comment when the time was right, give feedback. But never go back to an old topic, apparently that was
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