Pestel Analysis Of Nokia

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1.0 Introduction

Nokia’s humble beginnings was founded in the year of 1865 as a business which focus on the operation of milling paper. Throughout the years, Nokia has successfully branched out onto other sectors such as rubber boots and tires. Nokia also went on to branch out to notable sectors including telecommunications and mobile phones. In 1998, Nokia rise through the ranks and became the market leader for mobile phones (Nokia, 2017).

The first Global System for Mobile Communications also known as GSM handset that Nokia produced earlier in 1991 was the Nokia 1101. Not long after the phone was released, it became very well-liked and accepted by the market. Nokia also went on to forge partnership with Microsoft to use Windows as operating software for all smartphones created in 2011. Nokia credits its success due to their deep-seated values of nurturing talent and putting people as the company focus. Nokia also place huge emphasis on using technology and innovation to change the world. Throughout the years, Nokia have been able to change people’s lives by enabling the common man to be connected with the community as it is both user and economically friendly (SuccessStory, 2017)
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