Nursing: Compassion Fatigue In Nursing

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Another contributor to burnout is compassion fatigue which refers to a state of chronic stress as a result of witnessing the affliction of others. It’s when a nurse becomes emotionally exhausted from caring for those that are suffering. Compassion fatigue has become so critical that psychologist refer to it as secondary traumatic stress disorder. It has become prevalent due to the increase in occurrences of chronic illnesses. NEGATIVE CONSEQUENCES AND RISK FACTORS The most significant consequence of nursing burnout is patient care. Insufficient care increases a patient’s hospital length of stay. Nosocomial infections are mainly caused by nursing mistakes such as not monitoring adequately or failing to keep a procedure sterile. This tends to happen when a nurse is assigned too many patients. When a nurse is burnt out they’re not performing their duties to the best of their ability. Errors are more probable and the clients ultimately suffer the repercussions. STATISTICS…show more content…
All of which reveal the same compelling evidence that in fact higher levels of burnout are correlated with nurse rated quality of care. This specific study was done through survey analysis and several countries were a part of it. The goal was to see the connections between quality of patient care and burnout. Various topics were included on the matter. The results indicate that a reduction in burnout equals better care and patient
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